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    Why make it difficult?

    Photographers and videographers are often known for the equipment they carry around. Much of this equipment is often unnecessary. Some contractors even only take the equipment with them for looks. The bigger and more expensive the cameras and equipment, the more professional it looks. However, we specialize in delivering professional and effective results without all the excessive imagery.

    How do we work?

    We first discuss the requirements and wishes of our client. Based on this, we look at the options and select our equipment to stay mobile. This allows us to remain dynamic during the assignment. This will benefit the end product because it allows us to capture images beyond the set up studio equipment.

    What are the costs?

    We use a standard hourly rate that is determined based on the type of assignment. For a request for quotation, we will discuss with you what the possibilities are to provide an indication. On the quotation you will find the hourly rate, a total hour indication and an indication of unforeseen expenses. The total costs may vary considerably depending on the type of assignment and the total number of hours, so we always ask you to request a quote. The quotation issued by us is always without obligation.

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