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    It starts with a story

    We know how important it is to attract and retain the attention of the public. During the production of videos and films, we spend a significant amount of time customizing footage to convey the story clearly and faithfully.

    The color of the scene, the method of editing and the use of music and sound effects are essential in telling a story. We specialize in combining those elements to tell the story even better.

    From recording to end product

    We are happy to work with you to realize the entire process from recording to end product. You have come to the right place for creating company videos, instructional videos and even documentaries and films. We would like to get in touch with you to analyze the case in detail.

    What are the costs?

    We use a standard hourly rate that is determined based on the type of assignment. For a request for quotation, we will discuss with you what the possibilities are to provide an indication. On the quotation you will find the hourly rate, a total hour indication and an indication of unforeseen expenses. The total costs may vary considerably depending on the type of assignment and the total number of hours, so we always ask you to request a quote. The quotation issued by us is always without obligation.

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