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    Our specialty

    Moonlight Multimedia is specialized in developing complex software solutions. We focus on the most common platforms such as Android and iOS and Windows and Linux.

    We know better than anyone else that developing and delivering complex software as quickly as possible is not the right solution. By opting for software development from Moonlight Multimedia, you can be sure that the software package is thoroughly tested prior to the rollout and implementation to prevent problems during use. We are happy to work with you to map out the wishes and expectations of your organization in order to ensure the best user experience.

    Even if you are not familiar with IT, you have come to the right place. We are happy to assist you from idea to innovative product and beyond.

    App development

    With an app for your organization, you can be sure that users get the best user experience on mobile devices. Apps allow us to take advantage of the additional features available on mobile devices, including notifications, camera features, GPS features and more.

    However, apps also have major drawbacks compared to websites and web apps. For example, they are less easy to maintain due to the intervention of parties such as Google and Apple and the restrictive conditions they enforce on app stores. This begs the question whether an Android or iOS app is always the most suitable solution. In many cases a web app can offer similar experiences.

    What are the costs?

    Developing complex software solutions often takes a lot of time and energy. Without researching your idea or problem, a cost estimate will be extremely inaccurate and unreliable. We can therefore only give a cost indication after we have examined the case with you.

    On the quotation you will find the hourly rate, a total hour indication and an indication of unforeseen expenses. The total costs may vary considerably depending on the type of assignment and the total number of hours, so we always ask you to request a quote. The quotation issued by us is always without obligation.

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